Enjoying the journey of life!

Join our family of 7 as we embark on a RV trip across the country!  Travel along with us and see some of the beautiful sites this nation has to offer.  Live vicariously and learn that dreams do come true!


Life's Essentials

Our time is too precious to spend on the things that don't matter.  Our family, our life together, being present with our children as they grow...that is what matters!

Traveling this amazing country and seeing all the beauty God has given us!

Living healthy means living life to it's fullest.  After struggling with our health, we decided to take life by the reigns and make a change!  Follow us as we go back to nature to find true health and happiness!

To live this dream life on the road, we need to have an income.  We have chosen to work remotely!  Read more about what we do!


We are a family of 7 living in New England.  Our journey has taken several twists and turns and we've learned a few things along the way.  From the importance of focusing on natural, healthy living to becoming our own bosses and living an entrepreneurial life.  It is our goal to share some of the nuggets we have learned along the way.  Use our website as a tool to support your own journey!


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