As a family of 7, we have decided to stop living the normal American life.  We had a beautiful house on 4.5 acres surrounded by privacy and trees in Massachusetts.  We lived near family (who we do dearly miss!) and a wonderful church community (who we also dearly miss!).  But our health was poor, we lacked quality time together, and we wanted to live life and see some of this beautiful country of ours. We decided that "there's no time like the present."  Our children will not be young forever.  They will not be under our roof forever.  It was time to take the steps needed and make a change!


Pete and Chrissy


Pete and Chrissy feel so blessed to be on this journey of life together and the parents of these amazing children!  They met at Church 15 years ago and the rest is history. Pete is a people person who makes friends instantly.  He loves his coffee, his quiet time, and a serene moment in nature.  Chrissy is an extroverted introvert.  She can often be found researching, exploring nature, or taking the kids on an adventure.  She does not love coffee!



Olivia is our book worm! She can often be found buried in a book (aka her kindle!) The little kids love spending time with her and she's so great at telling adventurous stories!



Naomi is the artist of the family.  She loves to draw, paint and create!  Lately, she has also been exploring photography.  She makes friends easily and loves to make people happy!




Tim loves anything adventure!  As can be seen in our YouTube videos, he's often seen climbing rocks or walking across downed trees.  He's really great at figuring things out and loves to engineer!



Gabrielle is our sweet social butterfly!  She is very flexible and loves to do gymnastic moves.  Everywhere we go, she makes a friend!



Nicholas is our little teddy bear!  He brings a smile to everyone's face and loves little babies.  He's also a fish when in water and has no fear!


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