Entrepreneurial Life

A couple years ago, we decided there was a strong possibility that we would follow this path!  We weren't sure how it would work though with Pete being a plumber working in Boston.

We were already growing our love of essential oils when we discovered the amazing business opportunity of dōTERRA Essential Oils!  

We were skeptical at first.  Wasn't that one of those "pyramid schemes"? How could it really be that good?  We thought "anything that sounds too good to be true usually is too good to be true".  

As with everything else in our life, we started doing our research.  We were not impulsive dreamers.  We were complete realists!

The more we read though, and the more success stories we saw, and the more we prayed and thought about the opportunity, the more we realized, this could be it!  This could be our ticket out of the standard 9-5 job.  A way to be our own bosses with little overhead.  An opportunity to not only grow a business, but to bless other people's lives in the process!  

We were already using essential oils.  We already knew how much natural health had changed our lives.  We were already sharing with others.  Why not give it a try?!

And so we took that step!  We joined an amazing company whose mission aligned with ours- whose goal was to change lives.  And we haven't looked back!

Well, I guess we have looked back. We've looked at all the lives we've blessed and continue to bless through these oils!  Every time a customer calls and says "these oils have helped me SO much!"  "Thank you for introducing me to these." "I'm sleeping so much better; I'm no longer in pain; I'm off my medication" we know that this is exactly what God has called us to do!

If this resonates with you, and you would like to explore whether this is the right opportunity for you, click the button below and get in touch!


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