Health is something that we do not take for granted.  Growing up, Chrissy has had lots of health challenges that doctors could not diagnose.  By the time Tim (#3!) came along, we started looking into natural health care.

This was quite a step for Chrissy.  Chrissy was trained as a nurse and was very medically minded.  "Natural health" was for crunchy granola people- something she was NOT!

However, when you're not getting anywhere doing what you do, you're a fool to keep trying the same thing!  We had some friends that were more natural minded, so she figured she'd better do what she did best- start researching.

As usual, this opened Pandora's box! One thing led to another, which led to another and here we are sharing our journey with you!

We want to share some of those resources with those of you who may be struggling as well.  This is a list of websites and resources that we have found very helpful and informative with our Chronic Illness.  We will continue to update as needed!


Chronic Illness Resources


Mold test we used:

  • We did the ERMI test with the cloth wipe.  This has been the most accurate mold test that we are aware of.

Doctor we use:

  • (Dr Dan is awesome and really knows his stuff when it comes to CIRS, MTHFR, Lyme, etc. and works through phone consultation only)



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